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OpenRoad is pleased to announce the acquisition of creative agency Mod7. Read the letter from our Principal.

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Thoughts about lunch, by the people at mod7. With pictures!

Acme Cafe

( 51 W Hastings St / @Acme_Cafe )

I literally have nothing bad to say about this place.

What you should expect at Acme Cafe is diner food done well. My two favourites that are on-menu are the Meatloaf (almost certain these guys have it down pat) which comes with greens and nice roasted potatoes. The other favourite is the Chicken Club on multigrain with slaw and chips (sometimes I'll get the soup depending on what it is). I'd say you really can't go wrong with either.

Chicken Club sandwich

One other thing to note is about Acme Cafe is their daily specials. They have a daily quiche, chef's special and a sandwich special. Usually one will come with a small helping of dessert which brings me to my next point...

Their dessert is lethal and probably one of the main reasons people rave about this place.

Brownie crust + chocolate & vanilla custard... drool.

It's different everyday but by far the best one I've had was the Chocolate Espresso Pecan Cream Pie.

Chocolate espresso pecan cream pie... mouthgasm.


Chicken, ham, Guinness cheddar + tomato fennel soup

The owners are friendly and and employees do their best to make sure you're taken care of.

Portions are fairly large. The daily feature with the small side of dessert has solid potential for the mid-day drowsies, so grab a coffee after.

Try to go after 1pm. If you're in around at peak times you see a massive line but are flying solo, try anyway. They usually seat singles pretty quickly.

— James

Mo Mo Sushi

( 375 Water St )

This place is the definition of cheap, decent sushi in Vancouver.

Salmon sashimi, unagi roll, spider roll

I normally get the tuna & salmon sashimi.

Tuna & salmon sashimi

For less than $10, they have a huge variety of boxes & specials to choose from, with chicken teriyaki, assorted tempura, and sushi... all of which include miso soup, rice, and salad. They'll have a box or special combo that'll cater to your sushi cravings, really. I recommend the Special A, which features tuna & salmon nigiri, tuna & salmon sashimi, and half a california roll. Did I mention that I like tuna & salmon?

— Daryl

Meat & Bread

( 370 Cambie St / @1meatandbread, 1033 W Pender St / @2meatandbread )

For some reason, after the second location opened on Pender, the first location is busy with lineups out the door even at non-peak times.


The main difference between the two is the new one serves Porchetta, Corned Beef and Vegetarian as opposed to Porchetta, Meatball and Grilled Cheese at the Cambie location. Their daily specials are also different from each other.

Chipotle beef & cilantro cream

I tend to get the Grilled Cheese only if the soup of the day is tomato. Really though, you can't go wrong with whatever you pick as it's all good.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup

The menu is very limited. However, the good thing is they do these few things very well.


Portions are moderate. If you get just the sandwich you won't be full, but you won't be hungry either.

Busy times for Pender are usually 12–1PM, but lineups move quickly here and there's tons of outdoor seating (which is where you'll probably end up anyway). For Cambie, busy times now pretty much always, unless you pop by later around 3PM.

Check their website for their daily specials.

— James

Save On Meats Diner

( 43 W Hastings St / @SAVEONMEATS, @SAVEONMEATSdine )

Diner food that won't hurt your wallet. I've never had food I didn't like here. It's all good.

Home of the $6 burger.

The Burger

Their daily specials are great. On Thursdays, they have fish & chips. I like it a lot.

Fish & chips

Also, try the chocolate pie. I don't have a picture of that.

— Daryl

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